Mission Statement

My mission is to create the most beautiful bicycle hubs ever made.

Vision Statement

Modern bicycles in many ways get better with every generation. This does not mean that they get better looking, fact is they have not. My vision is to bring back the beauty of iconic bicycle parts from the past and to do this with modern technology and manufacturing processes.

Favorite Quotes

Design is very simple, but in design the simplest things can become very difficult.

— Edited and paraphrased from Carl von Clausewitz

Never Leave Well Enough Alone

— Raymond Loewy

I am easily satisfied with the very best.

— Winston Churchill

  • TRACK_ALUM_BACON-SLICER_PAIR_cr640_360sfw.jpg
  • TRACK_ALUM_BACON_SLICER_FRONT_cr640_360sfw.jpg
  • TRACK_ALUM_BACON_SLICER_REAR_cr640_360sfw.jpg
  • TRACK_ALUM_HOLEY_FRONT_cr640_360sfw.jpg
  • TRACK_ALUM_HOLEY_PAIR_cr640_360sfw.jpg


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